District Maintenance Unit

John KrafczykAssistant District Executive – Maintenance610-205-6750

PennDOT's District 6-0 Maintenance Unit is responsible for bridge and highway maintenance, maintenance equipment, roadside development and beautification, winter operations, emergency management and maintenance of the physical facilities. District maintenance personnel also oversee the annual resurfacing program for the region's state highways and the administration of roadway maintenance contracts and cooperative agreements with the region's municipalities.

PennDOT's County Maintenance staffs are the most visible faces of the Department. County maintenance managers and their field personnel plan the paving, patching, cleaning and other tasks on the region's 3,600 miles of roadway and its 2,800 bridges. The people who make up the tireless field staffs are professionals who are trained to react…to the winter storms that bring ice and snow…to floods, wind damage and other disasters that threaten the region's mobility or safety.

Individual County Maintenance Offices operate independently within each county on most routine bridge and highway maintenance. Field personnel, equipment and supplies - such as salt and other bad weather and standard maintenance items - are housed in permanent satellite facilities located strategically across each county.

County Maintenance Offices also administer and coordinate PennDOT's highway beautification programs; Adopt a Highway and Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.


PennDOT Roadway Maintenance Hotline: 1-800-FIX-ROAD

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